Biomechanical Robotics Group

In the summer of 2015, I started a company, Biomechanical Robotics Group.  This was meant to bridge the gap between affordability and functionality of prostheses on the market today.  There is a huge wave of 3D printed prostheses and I felt that we could produce something that could be readily available for those who are in need.

The basic premise of the BRG prostheses is to be able to provide 'accurate' sizing of potential clients of all sizes and ages.  Imagine if you could put in basic measurements and produce a model with a click of a button?  This could be a game changer that would eliminate the need to use CAD for each hand.  

We initially set out to gain publicity and funding through crowdfunding (Kickstarter) to be specific.  We still will entertain the invaluable community that Kickstarter has created while pursuing traditional investments.  I am hopeful for what BRG can accomplish and the implications of what a truly functional and affordable hand may mean to the amputee community.  

We also created a product, the Hobby Hand.  This allows for anyone interested in micro-controllers a platform to educate themselves.  I am a huge believer in teaching people how to fish (from the old proverb: give a man a fish and he will go hungry, teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry).  

Please take a look at the website and learn more about what we are doing over at BRG!

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