Comp Crunch Time

I've decided that I am not a huge fan of writing crap down.  I'm doing everything and anything to not do what I'm supposed to do...(in this case, write my comprehensive exam).  I ended up fiddling around with the Lab's 3D printer to print a mold, and then ended up on the website/blog.  I decided it was time to add another blog post. avoid writing I decided to write.  

For those who are not familiar with the United States system of receiving  a PhD, these are the steps:

Step 01: Deciding to go for the PhD is analogous to the comic below (Calvin and Hobbes is by far THE best comic strip ever published in a newspaper).  On a serious note, I was extremely interested in cardiovascular biomechanics and wanted to learn more.  I felt that my undergraduate degree was great, but I wanted to research and learn more.  

Step 02:  I first started graduate school to get a Master's (with thesis).  The University of Iowa allows for the thesis defense to double up as a qualifying exam.  The only difference is that you need five faculty members for the qualifying exam rather than three (for Master's only).  

I presented my work in front of five faculty members and qualified to become a PhD Candidate.

Step 03: This is where I am at ish.  After more research I have to propose a research plan for the dissertation.  The comprehensive exam is a proposal for what will happen next...I have an option of writing it as a NIH proposal or a traditional large piece of work.  I opted to write the NIH style (12 pages single spaced).  However, the bar may be set higher and a lot of the information needs to be 'filled' in during the comprehensive exam hearing.  

I will also have to stand in front of five faculty members and give a presentation on my proposed dissertation.

Comp Sample!  I need to write more (after this of course!)...


Step 04: Research more what I said I was going to do from Step 03.  Write the dissertation and then finally have my dissertation defense.  This is where I ride off into the sunset (hopefully).

Anyway, enough procrastination, need to do some real work!