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Pictured with Fiancée (I said, 'Yes')

This is the last portion that I am updating on my website.  It is always a tough call if I should write in the first person or third person on the 'about me' page.  First person makes me sound like I'm tooting my own horn, while third person makes Tim feel like a supreme weirdo.  I could have spent a lot of time writing about who I am, but I hope my actions/thoughts/words clearly depict what makes me, me.

I would say that all of who I am is an amalgamation of my family, my friends, my loved ones, my experiences (whether good or bad) and my inquisitive nature/willingness to get my feet wet.  Often times I look back and see that many of my interests have come full circle and that my skill-sets were being developed when I thought nothing of them.  

I am hopeful for what the future brings and the opportunities that I will have that may help contribute to our ever changing society.  

The journey seems to be a long one and much patience was (and is) needed, but at the end of the day, every bit was worth it.  I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about me and what my interests are.  


-Tim Chung