IDx is a startup company based in Iowa City that has a great team trying to change the way we diagnosis disease.  The basic idea is that with a simple retinal scan, computer algorithms can objectively determine whether a patient may have signs of diabetes, infection or risk of cardiovascular disease.

Typically, a patient would go into an ophthalmologists office to get a retinal scan.  The Ophthalmologist would take a look at the image and determine if anything is a miss.  However, experience of the physician and training may hinder the Ophthalmologist from making the correct call.  Computer algorithms provide an objective screening of these images and they can be quickly implemented.  

I have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so I can't talk about fight club.  What I can say is that I spent my time designing and 3D Printing prototypes for IDx (thousands of hours of print time).  A final patent was accepted and published.